The Atmospherics, 2017 developments.

The Atmospherics, an ongoing sound and video project by Jeremy Welsh and Trond Lossius is currently in its fourth year, and will continue into 2018 and beyond, taking on new forms as it develops. 2017 began with a new installation at HardingarT, in Utne, Hardanger, which co-incidentally was also one of the locations used for the first field recordings made for The Atmospherics. This was the sixth installation in the series and was entitled "The Atmospherics 6: The Seat With The Clearest View". It was comprised of three HD video projections and an eight channel surround sound installation. The next phase will take place in September as part of Liminaria 2017, an international sound art residency and workshop in the region of Fortore, Italy.

Images from the exhibition here.

installation shot at HardingarT


17th. Seoul International New Media Festival

I'm happy to be showing my video work I.O.D. (1984) as part of a retrospective programme of video art from Norway within the 17th. Seoul International New Media Festival. The programme has been curated by Farhad Kalantary, director of Atopia, Oslo.

I.O.D. has previously been shown at numerous video art and experimental film festivals since it was premiered in 1984. It won an award at the 1984 Tokyo International Video Festival, and has been tv broadcast in several countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Sweden. In 2013 it was included in a major exhibition of video art at the National Museum, Oslo, where it is also part of the museum's permanent collection.



London, March 2017

Two days spent in London on 9th. - 10th. March 2017, mainly for the occasion of "Emergence From The Underground", a film & video screening dedicated to the memory of Mike O'Pray, founder of the Film & Video Umbrella. The programme was screened  at the BFI South Bank/National Film Theatre, introduced by William Fowler, Steven Bode and myself. Aside from attending this event, I visited the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition at Tate Modern and Eduardo Paolozzi at The Whitechapel Gallery. Both good exhibitions. And in between I walked the streets of London, more or less aimlessly, occasionally pausing to photograph small details encountered en route. Photos below, not in chronological order. At the Tate bookshop I acquired, and then rapidly read, Jon Day's "Cyclogeography: journeys of a London bicycle courier". A good addition to my growing library of books about places/walking/exploring etc.

Reflections in buildings at Bankside, behind Tate Modern

Looks like a near miss, but not really...

Menu board of a traditional London cafe near Bankside

And the interior of the same cafe. There used to be hundreds of places like this, now very few remain.

The start of a "paper trail" of discarded stuff along the South Bank from Bankside to Waterloo


Composition 1

Cup 1

Cup 2

Cup 3

Composition 2

Composition 3 (NME today)

Composition 4, leaning mattress and cup

Home for someone, an urban oasis squeezed between luxury apartment buildings.

Composition 5, casual sculpture

Introduction to the screening at NFT


Documentation (not documentation)

The documentation pages here now contain mostly dead links. The Picassa image hosting pages that were used for documentation have been deleted since Google changed its image hosting platform.

New documentation will be posted in the near future!

The Atmospherics 6: The Seat With The Clearest View
HardingarT, Utne, January - February 2017


Ballata - video for Lemur

Ballata is a short video made for one of the tracks on Lemur's latest album  Mikrophonie on Plus3db Records

Click to go to video


Three Rooms

Three Rooms was a concert held on Friday 2 December in Galleri KiT at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU. The concert featured three solo performances by Michael Francis Duch (double bass), Kim Myhr (guitar & electronics) and Ingar Zach (percussion & electronics) with video projections by Jeremy Welsh. The concert was part of an ongoing collaboration between Duch and Welsh, with the aim of establishing a research platform for contemporary music, visual art and performance, focussed on site-specific and place-related concerts, events and exhibitions.

Video documentation of the three performances can be viewed here:

https://vimeo.com/194310313   (Michael Francis Duch)

https://vimeo.com/194313391  (Kim Myhr)

https://vimeo.com/194333465   (Ingar Zach)

Michael Francis Duch


Forum for Artistic Research, Stavanger

Travelling home after attending the autumn forum for artistic research, hosted this time by the University of Stavanger. The following is a small homage to Fluxus artist George Brecht, (whose works were the subject of my BA thesis long ago) prompted or inspired by the final presentation of the conference, concerning silence in artistic collaboration.


° before
° after